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Try these 6 things to save your Relationship.

You have a problem with your partner?? Are you planning to break up??? Then you must read this.

Relationship means two people and two different people could have two different mindsets. Lack of understanding is the biggest problem in the couple therefore problems arises.
Initially, it is not good to think about Break UP, When you keep this word in your mind, your thoughts and feelings get changed and Your aim towards saving the relationship is somehow gone. Keeping the word Break Up in your mind is not good for your relationship.

What you should try to do to follow below steps, it could help you to save your relationship.
1 - "You should Think"
When You started this relationship it was not like this. You both loved to each other so much. 2 - "Try to get your fault first"
First, find Where is your fault. Think deep. It's not a time for ego. No one is perfect. it might be there are something which could be the cause of the problem with your partner. Dig out. find…