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Women.- God's Ultimate Creation.

Without "Her" even "Hero" is "o".
God created we all human But women is the only creation who bear a lot of pain and give a birth to a child. A man can't even imagine the pain a woman bears in labor room.
"Patience" - No Man can even stand against patience of a woman.
"Sacrifice" - What would be the more sacrifice by anyone that a woman left their house and take care of her husband home from the day she entered.
"The Mother" - I am sure, no man can stand with the words like he can better take care of his children than his wife.Father can help mother but he does not have the patience to hold his child whole night with having a smile on his face but a mother can do.
We (Magical Words) Salute every women.
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Motivational Words from "The Charlie Chaplin"

Real life is full of uncertainties and We never know what will happen next. Different people have a different kind of problems.
People with positive attitude tackle the things differently than the people have negativity inside.

We all knew the great comedy king "The Charlie Chaplin", Once he said something was very Magical. Please read the story below.

Source - Pinterest

Once Charlie Chaplin told the audience a wonderful joke and all the people started laughing...
Charlie repeated the same joke and only a few people laughed.
He again repeated the same joke but this time no one laughed.
Then he said these beautiful lines,
When you cannot laugh at the same joke again and again...then why do you cry again and again on the same worry. So enjoy your every moment of life. Life is beautiful"[End]

Also his 3 heart-touching statements:-
Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles.  I like walking in the rain, because nobody can see my tears.  The most wasted…

Meaning of a Forehead Kiss!!!!

Once Arjun Asked Riya, "Do you know Why I kiss on your Forehead Everyday when I left to office?"
Riya Replied, " Yes!!! Because you love me"
Then Arjun Said, "Every time I kiss you on your forehead then actually,
I want to tell you that you are very important for me. I want to tell you that I will protect you from any harm. I want to tell you that you made me complete.Yes, Forehead kiss is a symbol of Respect and care. When a guy kisses his girl on the forehead, it means he really serious about her.

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शादी के बाद ऐसे प्रश्नो को अपने पार्ट्नर से ना पूछे!!!

शादी की सारी रस्मे ख़त्म करने के बाद अर्जुन और रिया अपने रूम मे पहुचे और बाते करने लगे! बातो बातो मे रिया ने एक ऐसा प्रश्न अर्जुन से पूछा जिसे शायद शादी के बाद किसी को भी नही पूछना चाहिए!

रिया ने अर्जुन से पूछा -  क्या शादी से पहले आप किसी से प्यार करते थे? क्या आपकी कोई गर्लफ्रेंड थी? तब अर्जुन हॅसा और उसने बहुत ही प्यारा जवाब रिया को दिया.
अर्जुन ने कहा - रिया क्या तुम्हे सच मे लगता है की हमे इस बारे मे कोई भी बात करनी चाहिए! सच कहु तो मै तुम्हारे अतीत के बारे मे कुछ भी नही जानना चाहता और आपसे ये ज़रूर कहना चाहता हू की, आज से आप मेरे लिए बहुत ही खास हो, मै हमेशा कोशिश करूँगा की आपको खुश रख पाऊ, मै हमेशा ही आपको बहुत सम्मान दूँगा और हर हाल मे आपका साथ दूँगा!
और हा, मै भी आपसे बस यही चाहता हू कि आज से आप सिर्फ़ मेरे हो जाओ. दुख मे मेरे साथ दुखी और सुख मे मेरे साथ खुश रहो. मुझे हमेशा ही आपकी ज़रूरत होगी तो मेरा साथ देना.
क्या तुम ऐसा कर सकती हो? क्या अभी भी आप जानना चाहती हो  की मै पहले किसी से प्यार करता था या नही?
तब रिया ने बोला - सच कहा अब हम दोनो को आगे बढ़ना है एक दूस…